Oxford Seven


This week I’ve been modifying some of the Oxford Rail seven plank wagons. Whilst not perfect they are a good starting point for me to do British Rail era wagons towards the end of their lives.


As a quick list they’ll get new wheels, new buffers and detail variations around the doors and ends. The patch repair at the bottom of the corner plates are being removed on all examples, and rivets replaced or added to strapping with Archers decals. I’m going to do maybe four or five of them, and they’ll be a quick addition to the fleet, and relatively cheap too. Once complete with new wheelsets, buffers transfers and couplings these are probably going to be in the order of £15 outlay, so still a bit cheaper than a new Bachmann PO currently listing at around the same price.


After these I’m grafting Cambrian Models steel underframe chassis’ to some older Bachmann oil tanks, the early results of those look very promising too.


More soon :0)


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4 Responses to Oxford Seven

  1. Some promising material there, Paul. Those wagons appear to be a good bit of raw material. (Dons helmet and body armour…)

    • bawdsey says:

      They are Max, it didn’t take long to work out they were good, having been speaking with Adrian he’s given me a good few pointers on them. A mag article ‘commissioned’ too :0)

  2. I think I feel a few NCB internal users coming on on the strength of that. 🙂

    • bawdsey says:

      By looking hard enough I’ve seen em at £7.50 a pop, last few this week I picked up at £8.00 each, I felt like a Dickensian pick pocket gor blimey me old china …

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